About Us

Boreasa Tianjin Plant

Boreasa's name comes from the name of one of the gods of ancient Greece: the god of wind Boreas.

Boreasa was formed to join the dynamism of Western Engineering and the economy of Asian manufacturing. Our blowers are designed in California and manufactured in a brand new "state of the art" plant in China, which is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Boreasa's goal is to design and manufacture high performance and highly reliable air moving products with an emphasis on quality. We are proposing solutions for consumer, medical, industrial, and military applications at prices which are bearable for the highly competitive Asian markets.

Boreasa's broad experience and technical expertise in the development and design of high performance motors and blower assemblies has been utilized to develop our current product lines and new lines under development. Our appreciation of the customers’ system performance requirements, thermal constraints, mechanical interface, noise, and cost factors allows Boreasa to offer unique solutions for our customer's applications.